Riverdale gay hookup

After all, a killer is on the loose! Well, as he puts it: At least in real life, what you see is what you get.

I think a bigger, more long-term relationship is coming for Kevin very soon. So, the first steamy gay scene from C.

Riverdale Wrestling Isn't Gay At All- OK, Maybe A Little Homoerotic 💪 (1080p HD)

Public cruising seems a slightly odd throwback, though. Cruising in the woods is much more visual. If you made a show about 6 young people in a coffee shop in , they would all be staring at their phones all the time and never talk to each other.

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How is this any different than people hooking up on apps? Like Kevin said, at least you see people and know what you are getting. One of my favorite kind of Comments: My opinion on the matter has nothing to do with shaming or anything other than safety. All the bait comments aside, I know plenty of young people who watch this show.

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Just a few years ago men were beaten outside of a club and another club was set fire to. Who was killed this season. Most of the men who cruise in the woods are not gay-idemtifying. They are straight-identifying. Many have wives and a family.

Actor James Woods owned by Dictionary.com after tweeting anti-trans rant

They see cruising as an escape from the sexual frigidity of women. He was introduced in and became an integral part of the Archie universe. He even had his own title for about a year and a half. Frankly I do not see it as likely that a high school teenager would consider cruising the woods at night.

My experience with gay guys in the teens and twenties is they are hooking up on social media when they want to hook up at all.

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  3. Gay teen Kevin Keller went cruising in the woods on Riverdale this week.
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They address using a hook up app in the episode. Read the first line of the article, not just the headline. Fekking idiots. It makes us less mental and safer. Kevin's cruising is a strong choice for the show. Here's why I'm excited: It gives Kevin a actual storyline and a substantial opportunity for him to grow as a character. As Betty gets involved, it adds love and tension to their friendship, which was previously one-dimensional. Betty's reaction gives the show an opportunity to shed light on the slut-shaming sexually active gay men face every day.

It's cool to see a teen show that goes there.

‘Riverdale’ boldly sends its teen star cruising for gay hookups in the woods / Queerty

This isn't just about representation; the story is actually educating a younger audience on an aspect of gay culture they might not have known about. It puts Kevin in danger! There's a murderer on loose , so going into the woods and meeting strangers after dark makes us worry about him in a way we haven't before. It sheds light on the reality many gay men face in small towns. Large urban cities might have plenty of options and a large selection of out gay men, but there are rural towns all over the country where few if any people are comfortable being openly homosexual.

Here's why: Image Source: Everett Collection. Around The Web. You May Also Like. Ariana Grande. Goodbye, Riverdale!

Riverdale Tackles the Topic Of Gay Cruising - And I'm Living For It

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