How to have gay sex with a dog

I also picked up strays and had sex with them, mostly masturbating them, but around the age of 16 I found one in an abandoned building, he got so excited he tried to mount me, I took him in my mouth and he quickly came, it made me very hot and I liked the taste. At the age of 27 I proudly gave My virginity to My beautiful willing 6 Year old Bernese Mtn dog Lace , I was devastated when just 3 Months later she was diagnosed with cancer and died during surgery, only a pet owner or another Zoophile can understand the devastation and loss of ones animal partner, I mourned for Months and still can't go into that clinic, such is the pain of being a Zoophile.

We had sex twice a day thru her cycle, and continued afterwards, the refusal by the bitch of the male when not in heat is more a function of behavior than physical restrictions, bitches can have intercourse with a human at any time, but it is easiest to start the first time when they want it bad. Lace showed every sign that she enjoyed this, there was NO mistake of it, and she learned how to seek it from me.

Her Daughter was never able to take more than half of Me, maybe a structural defect, anyway I didn't press it, we did other things instead, every bitch is unique. Most Big breeds such as Labradors, Mastiffs, Saints are plenty large enough for the average man. For intercourse, most important is to scrub hands and Penis using surgical soap, wash well and dry, You can give a bitch an infection with dirty hands, keep it clean and avoid problems, some breeds are more resistant than others.

Use KY jelly, NOT petroleum jelly, spit or cooking oil, lube up well, and with her standing take one hand and put it around one back leg and grope for her vulva, use your fingers to guide yourself in. Sometimes it helps to pull the lips downward slightly, work the head of your Penis in and upwards. Remember the steep upwards angle or You won't get in and will be jerking off by yourself after failing.

Homosexual behavior in animals

If she shows ANY sign of discomfort, pain or fear, STOP, wait a couple of days more into the heat cycle and try again, but above all do NOT force her, a gentle pushing is all it should take, if that doesn't do it, then she may be too small, have an infection, or an anatomical defect or stricture, any of which can be checked by a Vet. Spayed Bitches are probably not able to have intercourse. If You see any discharges or she licks herself and urinates frequently, she may have vaginitis, have her checked, Puppies get it as a matter of course.

To frig a bitch, I take a finger or two, reach up from her belly area and finger them up behind the vulva which projects down, so from behind the vulva, pushing up you can feel the hollow spot of the vagina and the pelvic bone, up in there is the clit, opening the lips one should be able to see the pea sized clitoris, stimulating that gets them humping usually.

You can be mounted by the dog tho, My Saint Bernard takes me often, but I don't let his knot go inside me, it's much too big, use your hand as a "stop" to guide him in and keep the knot out, as it expands it won't go in. A Dog doesn't have to be very big to have a massive penis and knot, You can become tied with a male just like bitches do, anything Collie size and smaller is OK, and You can separate easy enough, tho it might be uncomfortable.

Any larger than that and You really WILL be physically tied until the dogs' penis deflates, that may take up to 20 minutes or more, many big breeds have a knot the size of a fist. If You don't know what the tie and knot is, get a good book on dog breeding, with pics and description, it is a section of the penis which swells up to lock the dog and bitch together.

To masturbate a male dog, never touch the bare penis with your hand, a dog's penis works differently than a Mans, You concentrate on the BASE behind the knot, not the tip, You simply constrict behind the knot at the base like a cock ring, and jerk, You wont go more than a couple of inches either way, as You stimulate him You can feel the knot expand, maintaining this constricting pressure keeps him hard, he will ejaculate as long as you keep at it. Two male dogs together are a major no no, they WILL fight and must be kept apart, usually an adult will get along with a new puppy, as the puppy takes a submissive role.

No, don't feel stupid, after all, even I had to learn, yes, male dogs WILL ask for sex and make it known they want it from you, once they know what it's about and figure out how to get more. If He accepts Your touching his penis with out growling or protest, then just fondle him and then constrict and masturbate as outlined above, He'll start ejaculating the first of three fractions in about 15 seconds, this is just prostate fluid, next comes the actual sperm, by then He'll get excited and may try humping or mounting, then the third fraction ejaculates and is again, just prostate fluid, yes, you can swallow.

Some males don't know what happened the first time, it's a surprise to them, but the next time they will be quite excited, lots of praise and happy words now, he'll go at it several more times if You want, but Always make sure the penis has retracted into the sheath properly afterwards, some long haired dogs tend to get hair caught up on the penis and it rolls the sheath inward and is quite uncomfortable.

I've only failed with ONE male who wouldn't let me touch his penis, all the rest were quite enthusiastic and all unique. The pasty discharge seen on the end of the sheath is just smegma, not semen, it has an iron like taste while semen is slightly salty and water thin, wash or wipe the smegma away if you don't care for it.

Dogs who are regularly having sex wont have much of this smegma.

Gay-nines: Can Dogs be Gay?

Neutered dogs CAN get hard and thrust to orgasm, but nothing at all ejaculates. You can also sheath fuck or "dock" with a large male, lube and slide your penis into the sheath of the male dog like an artificial vagina, My Saint can accommodate me to the hilt and doesn't seem to mind or care one way or the other, They don't usually get hard from that. Volume; cc with a variation from 0.

Refs; Vet obstetrics and genital diseases, S Roberts, Edwards Bros Pub The prostate fluid is highly alkaline, which neutralizes acids in the bitches vagina, I have to wonder if maybe the reason I don't have a lot of cavities, might be the dog semen, I eat a LOT of sugar, and dog semen In People, it creates a high fever, flu like, but not sterility! With a purebred its easy to explain WHY you want this test, its done all the time by breeders, You simply say You are planning a breeding, and the bitch owner requested the test 3 Avoid drinking bitches milk, no matter how often she is wormed, the worm eggs are found in her milk, that is the main reason puppies are born with worms--it comes from their dams' milk!

I suppose using a breast pump and collecting the milk and boiling it would work. Fleas can carry and give dogs tapeworms, so keep them flea free, vaccinated and wormed, and avoid their contact with strays who are untested and may carry any of these including ringworm. Avoid contact with the dogs anus. Ticks can carry lyme disease which You can get from your dog, so keep them off, and consider the lyme vaccine which has some effectiveness.

With this text I would like to illuminate one of the kinds within animal sex, namely Canine sex, Dog sex as you would call it. The reason why I write this is to share my knowledge of this kind with other women, who have a similar interest, or who have considered having sex with dogs, but not dared to, or who have not known how to go about or who have not known it existed. HISTORY Zoofili isn't something newly invented, something our 'modern depraved human brains have fallen into', in fact it goes thousands of years back in time, believe it or not.

It's quite interesting to read those stories, as a woman, the male is played by an animal and the female by a human woman. Oftenly the texts are very detailed, and most of the times the women get pregnant, giving birth to gods, half- animals or humans with animal looks. Wether one should believe these stories or not, I don't know, but at least it shows us that even before our so called modern time there was some thought of animal intercourse.

Whether it occured or not, we don't know for sure, but the thought isn't hard. With the increasing technology mankind left the fields for the cities, and by doing this we also left the farms, which has created a large gap between man and animals, so you could probably think that zoofili has decreased dramaticly, but it's not that simple. Moving to flats in highly populated areas has of course led to having only some pets in the homes, with this the closeness pet-human has increased, and many households have shown that pets, especially dogs, have become a part of the Eastern way of living, the dog has become almost a member of the family, sleeping, eating and beeing a part of the daily routine in a home.

This has increased the chance for women to enjoy animal sex, most of the sexual relations has in fact started quite innocent. Some of the women I have met tells me that it started after looking at the dog doing his daily cleaning - that is licking himself and that they had started to fondle with his penis, others tell me their's started by accident when the dog was sexual active and sniffed between their legs, some say it started with the dog trying to hump their legs, as dogs can do when they seek sexual relieve.

This I know from experience, that is if done correctly.

Two Gay Male Dogs - Dog meeting to breds - animal life in Cambodia

Dog sex can be very stimulating, and if done the 'proper' way even more exciting than a 'normal' human to human intercourse It's very easy to go on with animal sex, most women have fantasies about animal sex, to be taken by a wild animal, to enjoy it as much as the animal, to feel that specific animal lust within your- self My name is Anna, the rest I wish to keep unknown for the readers, due to the fact I'm a rather respected person in society. I have been a dog fanatic all my life, and I hope that my knowledge will make it easier for those who would like to try dog sex or allready have tried and want some hints to make it even more pleasing.

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I have been having sexual intercourse on a regular basis for almost 18 years, the first time was when I was pretty young, about 16, and unexperienced, but liking to experiment with my body. Making love to my dog changed all that for me, it was in fact my dog who gave me my first orgasm, and it was a reel one.

At the age of 23 I started a kennel club on the Italian Riviera, including breeding facility.

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The kennel is quite respected, mostly dealing with pure races or mixed ones of 'high quality'. During this time I have made love to hundreds of dogs, just enjoying to do it with different ones, but of course I have had my favourites.

I have dog sex almost every day, and sometimes on weekends when the staff is away, and I'm alone with my husband, I let the dogs make love to me several times, just lying helpless, enjoying orgasm after orgasm. As I told you I like to make love to several dogs, and on weekends when the kennel is closed, I oftenly make love all day with my husband and favourite dogs. We both enjoy it immensly, my husband isn't the jealous one, at least not when it comes to dogs making love to me, and he enjoys watching me receiving orgasm after orgasm.

Dog Gay - free porn

I have 2 small children, a boy and a girl, so on the exterior you might say my family look's like an 'ordinary' one. But you don't have to be different because you make love to dogs, the differenc is that you have discovered how more pleasing it is. I hope that what I hearby share with you will come to good use, and that you will enjoy dog sex, and the fantastic joy you can experience In this guide I will cover cunnilingus, vaginal sex and last fellatio. Anal sex can be performed, but I find that you have to be very experienced with anal sex when you want to make love with a dog in that way, so I have decided not to cover that subject.

Anyone who have experienced cunnilingus with a man, or a woman, knows that it is extremly pleasurable, however it's very tireing for the person who does it. The dog's tonuge is build completly different from a human. His tounge has big muscles wich he can use a longer time without getting tired. But what makes cunnilingus so much better with a dog is the construction of his tonuge, and the eagerness he oftenly does it with.

The dog's tonuge is, as you probably know, quite big. Thin but broad and long, and very flexible. Anyone who has been licked by a dog on hands etc To a male dog, cunnilingus is something natural to perform. As I told you earlier, many of the relations between woman and dog has started by accident. The female odour from her vagina reminds the male dog very much of the bithes'.